Haircut Contingency Plan

Do you have a haircut contingency plan? The answer to this question should be NOT YET.

Think for a second – you’re getting a haircut, and then the man/woman cutting your hair gets a phone call and her mother is having MASSIVE KIDNEY FAILURE. Your stylist/barber has just left, and you’re sitting in the seat with half of your hair cut and a stupid helpless look on your face.

That’s what happened to me Friday afternoon, after being threatened by a couple of gangsters at a stoplight in Murray during the summer.

What will you do when your haircut goes awry?


9 Responses to Haircut Contingency Plan

  1. Pat says:

    ha, ha, ha, I bet that looks great. : )

  2. Rick says:

    Is there any question at all? I shave my head… duh.

  3. I’ve had my share of ‘hair’ issues — my favorite though is Scott Randolph: Beer Head. Scott and the crew + a few girls attempted to dye his hair a very white blonde — this resulted in an amber color very simular to a ‘miller lite’ 🙂

    Ahh, the memories.

  4. At last I’m able to put a name to that horrible sense of foreboding. I don’t have a Hair Contigency Plan unless you consider the countless numbers of caps I’ve purchased over the years a “plan”. Perhaps it was my Subconscious Hair Contigency Plan??

  5. Chris says:

    I thought about shaving my head yesterday before I realized what a huge douche I would look like.

  6. ***before I realized what a huge douche I would look like***

    Well that’s one way to get the ladies.

  7. sparky says:

    i still say you should have let me cut your hair.

    oh…if i had only been home that night. you’d still be bald…like a monk!

  8. t says:

    i havn’t had a haircut in over a year 🙂

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