Cut the Crap

I’m going to cut through as much techno babble as possible and explain to you what the big deal is about XML, RSS, Atom, and other buzzwords that deal with web based syndication.

You can have the most clear and concise verbage and still not get the message across a good informational graphic could explain. Click the thumbnail below for my pathetic attempt.


The whole idea of syndication (or subscribing) is to enable a user to come back easily to read more fresh content. This idea is useless in sites that do not change. With or without web syndication, the first part of the process of ‘subscribing’ to a site is basically two steps.

Without web-based syndication:

  1. User visits site
  2. User bookmarks site

With web-based syndication:

  1. User visits site (with XML feed)
  2. User subscribes to site

Now to look at the differences…

Without web-based syndication:

  1. User pulls up bookmark in browser
  2. User hopes the site has updated while waiting for the site to load
  3. User is disappointed site has not been updated
  4. Repeat at will until site has been updated
  5. Did I mention I have a 12 site daily grind to do this with?

With web based syndication:

  1. User pulls up Feed Aggregator
  2. User clicks ‘new feeds’
  3. User visits sites with updates.
  4. Did I mention this takes care of every single site you’ve subscribed to?

Picture how awesome this technology can be for the next generation of students:

  • Professor/University Provides Subscription Link for each class
  • Student pulls all class information at will to one centralized location
  • Student spends LESS time logging onto difficult to use learning systems at least daily, for each class…

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    Whoever has a blog is gay.

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    Elton John is gay. Blog users are not gay. The end.

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