Mind Games

A dream that I had:

In the X-Men 3 movie, all of the mutants are being held captive by Magneto. All of them except for Wolverine. Wolverine knows he needs some help, so he gets into a flying car and drives way fast down the streets of NYC.

He’s flying through the streets thinking, who can I get to help save my friends – and more importantly the human race and it hits him.


Wolverine has a flashback to a few days after Peter Parker was bitten by the radioactive spider and was just in the early days of his spidermanhood. Apparently, ol Petey made a mess of himself and was stuck in his own web. Logan was walking down the street and saw this, and just cut him out of the predicament. Peter said “Thanks, I owe you my life.”

But Wolverine knew Spider-Man was now a pacifist, and didn’t want anything to do with this new war involving Magneto. The only way Wolverine could get Spidey to fight was to call him up and remind him.

So Spider-Man comes back, saves the day and totally kicks Magneto’s ass.

The thing is, I HATE Spider-Man, and totally love Magneto. Why would my brain not let Magneto win?



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  1. Roni says:

    Maybe you have a secret facination with SpiderMan that you don’t know about?

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