Not So Evil Empire

Now that my soul belongs to Google (read: email, maybe half of my web surfing including news) I’ve found myself sometimes wondering why my tech side is now dependent on the giant.

They have definitely won me over with their GMail system – efficient, simplistic, and crazy storage. They’ve won over the market with their uncanny ability to be a “media” firm and produce a profit.

This week they rolled out a new Blogger system, complete with impeccable quality user experience/design and standardized code under the hood.

If the one of the smartest and most productive tech companies in the world’s assets are essentially valid XHTML 1.0 STRICT (with probably 10 minimal errors that look like they’re left over from their server) – Google’s team followed current standards.

So, all they’re really doing is being “good”. Sure, they innovate. Sure, their server farms are probably distributed computing masterpieces…but the underlying principle that keeps me on the bandwagon is that I can trust Google.

I’m not saying Google is perfect – I’m not saying blogger is perfect (I won’t ditch MT that easily) – PageRank is flawed (what algorithm isn’t?). GMail actively discriminates against the blind. Blogger is not geared towards me (BTW, I wonder what this will do to TypePad). I’m just saying that my benefits as a super picky user outweigh the drawbacks.


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5 Responses to Not So Evil Empire

  1. morndry says:

    I look at the personal info that I just entered and there is a part of google in two out of the three.

    Makes me wonder about Devin’s comment: Government or Google?

  2. clayton says:

    I agree — right now. What happens when google sells out to microsoft? … it’ll happen.

  3. bofe says:

    Why would they sell out to Microsoft? They’ll be richer in 5 years.

  4. Bittel says:

    What happens when McDonalds buys Google? Will they call it McGoogle.

  5. morndry says:

    I think I’ll make a sandwich called a Mcgoogle, patent the name, and make McDonalds/Google Inc. give me a nickel every time someone buys one/says the name on a commercial/asks “would you like fries with your McGoogle?”.

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