If I ever start to consider myself ‘emo’ or ‘punk’ or ‘alternative’ or ‘grunge’ the worst of all ‘independent’ please shoot me.

Oh, wait, I forgot. The people who fit these categories are generally too in denial of their own shitiness that they actually think people believe them when they say ‘I’m just me, I’m not trying to fit into anything’. ‘I’m just me’? Fuck you. Nobody likes you.

I’m so tired of people thinking total strangers are way cool simply because of the type of music they listen to.

“Yeah, I listen to [Obscure Band A that 4 people like] all the time!”

Back to the way you dress though. Wear clothes that are comfortable. Oh wait, looking like shit is totally comfortable for some people. Let’s redefine this: wear jeans/khakis and a t-shirt that DOES NOT have a band name on it. Until you can escape a musical classification of you by an innocent bystander you are not allowed to wear a shirt with a band’s name on it, not even your own.

Piercings are annoying. If you’re a girl, pierce each ear once. If you’re a guy don’t pierce anything. You may think you look really cool, or awesome and spiffy but you don’t. It looks retarded and it solidifies your immaturity. Don’t even get me started on tattoos.

GROW UP PEOPLE! Don’t give me this “it’s self expression” crap. If it is self expression, you’re either expressing yourself far too much – or you have a super poor way of expressing yourself. Your clothes don’t express much about you. Neither do your piercings. The only thing that expresses is that you like the color black and you probably hate your parents.

People say college is a time of self discovery, which I will agree with if you do the following things:

  • Move at least 30 minutes away from home, and don’t live with mom and dad
  • Pay at least SOME of your bills, if not all of them
  • Live alone
  • Lose the need for constant friends
  • Keep up with your responsibilities (class, work, faith [or other beliefs])
  • Read

And finally…

  • Listen to what your heart tells you. Don’t let others decide for you, but don’t make poor decisions.

[added for clarity]

I feel like a lot of people who have chosen to be ‘alternative’ or ‘emo’ or whatnot have done it to impress or rebel and aren’t staying true to themselves. They’re trying to impress a cute guy/girl or a brother/sister does the same and they’re caught in idolization or they’re in rebellion against some parental figures.


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9 Responses to Anti-Idiotarianism

  1. morndry says:

    first, some piercings on certain people in certain places look damn sexy.

    and second, I commend you on choosing your own music, but I SWEAR TO GOD if you EVER leave OLIVIA NEWTON-FUCKING-JOHN playing on your work computer and walk away I will BREAK YOUR NOSE.

  2. Pat says:

    So my earrings and tattoos are immature? What makes them immature?

  3. Clayton says:

    This is why I dont waste my time posting anymore — bofe always sums everything up — perfectly.

    I used to want to be ‘self concious’ and be ‘myself’ then i realized i was really just creating another category for people to generalize into.

    I do think that you should dress nice though, because you should always want to look your best. 🙂 Good dressing = good impression. Good impression = +

  4. bofe says:

    Yes Pat I think it is.

    Because I said so.

  5. Matt says:

    bofe@bofe.bofe… Interesting.

  6. Chris says:

    So pretty much that last point makes your post obsolete, correct?

  7. Jon says:

    So how should one go about expressing themselves to the world without using some sort of external mechanism like clothes, tattoos, piercings?

    What if your heart tells you to go get a tattoo of big bird on your ass because you really like sesame street?

  8. Pat says:

    Ha, ha, ha, so now you dictate/define maturity. That is good. I love you man. You are excellent. I knew I liked you for a reason. : )

  9. Rick says:

    No, he doesn’t dictate/define maturity. I do. I write a book. He looks it up. Using Google.

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