Between the Headphones

There we were, feeling the summer night’s grass inbetween our toes. We tried to count the stars, but we got lost in tomorrow.

Sorry, I’ve always wanted to start an entry with a ‘Wonder Years Narrator’ style thought provoking and imagery rich introduction ending one with a valuable lesson learned. I always look forward to having a moment or two of self realization – when the blur that life has become briefly comes into focus and speaks volumes to me.

There’s a certain beauty that comes with not being in control of those moments. If I didn’t have the meaningless days to make me appreciate the lessons I learn. The eye-opening messages that can be understood by simple acts like helping the high school student operate the elevator.

Although my complaining would tell another story, I like being sick because I know how good it will feel when I’m not. I like being lonely because it helps me see how much I enjoy the company of others.

Was ol’ Pangloss right? Is this the best of all possible worlds?

I can’t make up my mind.


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One Response to Between the Headphones

  1. Deezil says:

    Bofe, that was awesome. The world has just made a little more sense to me after reading that. Good job, sir.

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