The Plant that Refused to Die

[my apologies for breaking the lenten vow, i cannot hold it in anymore!]

I hate things that won’t die. This healthy plant is my menace.

The bastard just won’t die.

The plant is at the office, and was ‘given’ to the workers in my area by a former co-worker who left the office last fall/spring.

We’ve tried not watering it – that just makes it stronger.

We’ve tried substituting coffee for water – that makes it bloom.

It is a source of heat, though… when the other parts of the office are 30 degrees below freezing, our invincible abomination to feng shui is keeping us all warm in the back.

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3 Responses to The Plant that Refused to Die

  1. morndry says:

    this plant also carries an electrical charge.

  2. Bittel says:

    Happy Bday Bofe!! Oh and the plant is like superman and stuff y0.

  3. charley says:

    Aww, I miss the plant. It attacked all summer long last year.

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