The Art of Business

I’m a band dork. So much of a dork, in fact, that not including the Evansville, IN based Music Central site, I had the first forum related to marching band hosted on my Simple|Net account in 1997 on my 56KAAY (okay, it was actually a 14.4 till 98 when we got a 33.6). The message board has changed a lot of things relating to Kentucky Marching Band much like MSURacers is changing (and has changed) the way things happen at MSU.

After graduating from high school (and for a brief stint during high school) I didn’t run the show. It wasn’t worth the cost incurred to run a primarily high schooler populated message board when I’m not in high school, plus I had MSURacers to build. I still keep up with high school marching band (including my alma mater) but I haven’t been too active in the whole digital community that is the Kentucky Marching Band Online scene…that is, until last summer.

Last summer, while bored at a lab job, I posted on which was become the ‘new place’ for KY Marching Band discussion. When the guy who started it learned I’m a little techno-savvy I was asked to be an administrator. So I was once again an administrator, but not running the show for the new epicenter of Kentucky Bands. Now I can give technical support when needed, and help the community grow even more. That’s the height of my involvement – tech support and the occaisional policing of members who cannot behave themselves. In fact, that’s my level of involvement in high school marching band. I don’t teach, I’m not a high school student. I’m just an avid fan who knows how to make online communities like this grow and prosper.

I’ve always loved marching band, and I always will love marching band. This coming fall is my last time to perform with a marching band, and I know I’ll miss it.

However, I abhor the ‘other side’ of things, such as inter-departmental politics here at the university or so-called businessmen who I’d rather call wanna-be band directors. I wish music educators would crucify their collective ego before it’s far too late.

So, when pointing out a member had been trolling under multiple accounts I publicly asked him to just post under his usual name.

Here’s the private message I get, that I end up reading when this guy calls me on the phone:

  • EDITED *************
    As an administrator you should know better than to post something like this on the kids side of the board.

    • EDITED **********

I would think you would have had some sense about you.

  • EDITED ********

So, in my administrative wit (and after a rather rude phone call) I ‘got some sense about me’ and removed the posts in the thread. I also took away my adminstrative status.

I don’t love it enough to deal with this crap.

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2 Responses to The Art of Business

  1. morndry says:

    at this point you should have gone “if you weren’t being an asshole this wouldn’t have happened, and if you call this number again I will tape the conversation and if any harassing words are said to me I will turn it over to the proper authorities”.

  2. Ross says:

    You really could have ruined this guy’s contest that he’s ‘poured thousands’ into ;p

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