U-8 Soccer Adventures

Fat raindrops had been crashing on the unsuspecting ground all morning long. There I was, in my green and white U-8 Soccer Hurricanes jersey (number 13) with my white cleats, and shinguards covered with white socks mad as hell and willing to defend our goal, no matter the cost.

We were having an okay season, but with the grizzled field conditions that day’s game would be the most important of the season. It would seperate the men from the boys. As the team’s goalie, our game was resting on my shoulders.

In one of my most proud moments, I shut the other team out. Diving for the ball in the mud, getting my uniform nearly destroyed. I did everything imaginable to keep those bastards from scoring, including getting a mouthful of mud.

I’ve never been very athletic, but make no mistake: I have always had a competitive drive.


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3 Responses to U-8 Soccer Adventures

  1. Deezil says:

    That’s awesome bofe. I remember my soccer days too. It was spent mostly on the sidelines hanging my head in shame. Gald to know you could do something.

  2. Bittel says:

    wow, dude I probably played on the same fields as you and didn’t even notice. I was a goalie as well, I dove all over the damn place for that ball and got scored on 8 times the total season. But it’s hard to take on 3 on 1 and I’m sure you know as well. My jersey was like all haggard and holey as well. Did you ever get a card thrown at you for taunting the other team? That was probably my proud moment. That’s effed up that you played goalie as well, I never knew. Mad props to the Bofe!

  3. Chris says:

    I was on the Flames one year and the Aztecs like every year until i was like 12. One of my teammates on the Flames (Lamar Owen) now plays basketball for Southern Illinois which I thought was really bizarre.

    I also wondered why I always got stuck on a team named after some natives in Mexico. Like 4 seasons. Different players and coaches. Like seriously, that’s weird.

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