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I went to a basketball game Tuesday and had a lot of fun. I accidentally stumbled upon my own brilliance, and I intend to share my wisdom with all of my readers.

“We won the game even though it was pretty sloppy.”

Remarks like my these are what separates the sports fans from the sports gurus. I am a self-proclaimed sports guru. I come from a long line of self-proclaimed sports gurus, I’ve learned from the best – and I’ll show you how to become one. There’s only two steps:

  1. Make Vague Remarks
  2. Make Tactful Remarks

In regards to #1: “They’ve really got to get it together” – Don’t specify which team, or what player. Nobody can just say you’re wrong, because nobody knows what you’re talking about.

And #2: Say “that was nasty” right after a blocked shot, strikeout, or interception. Regardless of the outcome of the game, you’ve made the right call. Terms like “nasty” have the double meaning in sports commenting that seems to originate from the days of Dominique Wilkins’ windmill dunk in the 80’s slam dunk contests. Also, the occaisional “wow” when something excites the people around you. Being vague only works so much, and the extra punch is given to your sports omniscence when you time it perfectly.

The key to it all is to not root for a specific team, but “love the game” itself. That way, the team you picked always comes out on top and you are instantly better than everyone else around you.

All of this jibba-jabba about sports has sparked my memory of a story my father told me.

Back in the 70’s basketball games weren’t televised live. UK was playing a rival team, and dad listened to the game on the radio before he went to watch the game with his college buddies.

“Hey, you know who wins the game?” one of his friends, Joe, asked.
“Yeah, it’s Georgetown by 1. Right down to the end.”

So, Dad and Joe went to another room to watch the big game. Joe bet against UK, and bet with confidence because he had the inside scoop. The game came down to the wire, but Joe’s confidence would not be shaken.

Until Georgetown lost the game. Dad pointed and laughed.

Now I know where I get it.


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13 Responses to Sports Guru

  1. Clayton says:

    The lesson? Never, ever, bet against UK.

  2. Pat says:

    You die hard fans kill me. I have always thought of Andy as a Guru.

  3. burris says:

    oh almighty guru, lets watch some hockey

  4. Bickett says:

    I’d have to say the biggest basketball guru I know is Billy Packer. His comments are like “Kentucky is team that’s won a lot over the years.” or “Tubby Smith is black and their defense has really improved.”

  5. Dan says:

    Bofe…I thought you actually like…had to know stuff about sports to be a guru…you’re just a fake guru. Or something.

  6. burris says:

    can a fake guru exist? that seems kinda oxymoronic… like black pope or decent republican president…chris hodes would like that so i said it.

  7. Pat says:

    Jon, I cant believe you just made that reference. I am sitting here trying to figure out how to address that without turning Andy’s page into a political forum. I hate to let it go, but out of respect for Andy, I guess I will.

  8. burris says:

    yeah, it was bad. i really have no political affiliations, my roomate was being his usual democratic self this morning and made the same analogy about something else… sorry pat

  9. bofe says:

    Use last names, Pat.

    Burris = Jon Bickett = Jon

  10. Bittel says:

    “nasty” have the double meaning in sports commenting that seems to originate from the days of Dominique Wilkins’ windmill dunk in the 80’s slam dunk contests”

    Best damn line I’ve heard in a while. That’s like Robert Parrish being called the Chief man.

  11. Bittel says:

    For real man. I really am not a sports fan but a goro…er MORTAL KOMBAT! yeah. myself. But here’s what I do at these games. Remember NBA JAM? Well when someone does something cool you shout “BOOMSHAKALACKA!!!” or “He’s on FIRE!” or “That had to hurt!”

  12. Bickett says:

    How did my name get pulled into that?

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