The year that was

Personally, 2003 was a year of unprecedented emotional growth.

  • A year ago I was living in White Residential College. Now I live by myself in an apartment. (Technically, I was still on Christmas Break and at home, but you get my point.)
  • A year ago I was drinking lots of alcohol. Today I emptied my freezer and fridge by basically giving my alcohol to a friend.
  • A year ago I considered it to be perfectly acceptable (and quite fun) to go get high. It’s not anymore, and I’m proud to say I haven’t since June.
  • A year ago I had tons of friends, but no very close or best friend. I have Christi now as a best friend. I’m also becoming more comfortable around Gibson.
  • A year ago I was engorged with Nietzsche. I just finished reading the first eight chapters of The Gospel of Luke.
  • A year ago I didn’t like The Beatles. Now I can’t stop listening to them.
  • A year ago I used MSN and AIM clients. Now I use Trillian Pro 2.0.
  • A year ago I didn’t use Mozilla. Now I convert my friends to it.
  • A year ago I could name every DCI champion (and their show) from 1983 on. Now I can’t.
  • A year ago I watched professional wrestling. I don’t anymore.
  • A year ago I had no gay friends. Now I have a few.
  • A year ago I talked to my friend Nick a lot. Now I celebrate the chance to see him.
  • A year ago I swore I wouldn’t get a cell phone. I have one, and it’s my only phone now.

The list can go on and on with many items significant or insignificant. What matters is that it was an overall productive year for me, and of course a step in the right direction.

I’m slowly becoming an adult, and it’s scaring the hell out of me.


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6 Responses to The year that was

  1. Ross says:

    yes, most conservative adults will prefer trillian over normal clients ;p

  2. bofe says:

    Ross, be quiet. πŸ™‚

  3. glitch says:

    Bofe wrote:
    > * A year ago I had no gay friends. Now I have a few.

    We’ve already been over this — Ed is not gay!!

    And, btw, he updated his journal (if that counts as a blog), so I think his removal from your links list is ENTIRELY INAPPROPRIATE, MISTER.

  4. Chris says:

    I like this one. I wish I could jot something down like this but I’m afraid it would only be two points long.

  5. Bittel says:

    Yeah, I could do this, but it might make peoples eyes bleed because I wouldn’t put any pictures and it would like make starving childrens heads explode. It would be a hella train wreck…

  6. Big Dog says:

    Looks like you need to bone up on your DCI facts, then. πŸ˜›

    And only since 1983? Come on, man. There’s 11 years before that, plus all the VFW, American Legion, CYO…better get yourself the two-volume History of Drum Corps set from DCW and get to studying. πŸ˜‰

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