Shaping up.

It looks like the site is finally starting to take some form.

All of the sections work except for the colophon, which will be completed tomorrow. I have accomplished all of my goals but one, and that is the aesthetic goal. I’m also planning on adding a links blog to the sidebar, similar to Mark Pilgrim’s b-links but I’m torn between rolling out my own (that is integrated with MT) or using my account.

But really, I’m currently looking for an artist to give me an identity.

The idea is this: a stick figure prodding at a brain (or an eyeball) with a q-tip. (Thanks Burris)

I need it in the largest, highest quality format you can give it to me (.psd is fine) and I need it in black and white. The logo will be used on the top right side (at the very top of the lightly colored sidebar) and it will also need to be converted into a favicon.ico file.

I cannot compensate monetarily, but I will give you and your site a link along with proper credits.

Prince Kabra, I’m looking in your direction -)

Please leave a comment if you’re interested, or contact me.


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2 Responses to Shaping up.

  1. burris says:

    not a kabra job
    but a job

  2. prince kabra says:

    call me

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