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scene of the death

This is the scene of the death of my friend Logan Satterly.

He died in a car accident around 3:15 PM on Friday. He was 17 years old, and a member of my old high school band. Logan was one of the only guys I knew when I went to go talk to the band now. He was a freshman when I was a senior and band president. I knew from day one he was a great kid, and I’m very saddened to have to say goodbye to him.

I’ll miss you. I’ll miss seeing what you could have become.


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3 Responses to Not an ordinary weblog post

  1. morndry says:

    Real sorry to hear that man. if you need anything drop me a line.

  2. jules says:

    Andy, I’m sorry anyone ever has to say goodbye… love you, friend.

  3. Pat says:

    Wow, what a horrible thing to have to deal with. I am sorry.

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