MSNBC Redesign sucks

To my regular readers, excuse me while I do a rant on the “new”

It’s understandable that the site has to have the global headers and footers that MSN provides. In my humble opinion, the only excuses for ever breaking a validator is because of markup you have no control over (a CMS, for instance) or when it’s a load of legacy content that would simply have to be rewritten.

I’m not sure how much their presumably in house CMS has to do with the design being so horrible, but in a redesign of this scale one can assume not that much.

It’s a FACT that proper semantics and complete separation between content and presentation save money and are clearly the best practices.

In a piece for A List Apart a semantic Slashdot that uses CSS would save around $4000 a year. That was based on figures from 2000, /.’s traffic has probably grown exponentially.

I’m just very agitated that someone (on CSS-D) could make a post saying MSNBC redesigns with CSS. The implementation is so poor, the semantics are non-existent. It’s inexusable.


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