A Musical Solution

A problem that has plagued me for a very long time has a solution.

In a previous post I broadcasted my need of a utility that would easily bulk rename mp3s according to conventions I set. Advice from a reader (deezilmsu, actually) pointed me to a program called MusicBrainz. MusicBrainz is a horrible name for a piece of software, but I tried it anyways out of desperation.

I’m glad I did.

MusicBrainz provides a unique solution to the mp3 naming problem. There’s a centralized database on MusicBrainz’s end that compares your mp3s to ones of the same track length, etc. and of course, bulk renames and populates your ID3 tags.

It works wonders for the unorganized growing music collection.


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  1. burris says:

    Steve, did you go to class?

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