Tastes Change

CD SpindleIn the process of filling up my new hard drive I decided to dive into my old spindles of CD-R mp3 backups. If you look closely at this photo of my desk you’ll see at the top (above my monitor) there are four spindles.

Last night I went through all of them scrounging for mp3s. My interest in KaZaa has been rekindled, along with #altrock and #rock-albumz on IRC. I found a lot of stuff that I used to really be into (Busta Rhymes!) and some stuff that I have no idea why I deleted like Huey Lewis and the News – Sports.

The main problem with all of this is not legal issues. It’s sorting all of the new music. I’m wanting to hire someone to just come in and name all of my mp3s

with the best naming convention (Artist – Album – Track # – Song.mp3) and sort them by genre, bonus if they update ID3 tags. I’d feed them for an entire day, and let them have any music they see. Any takers? Burris—I’m looking in your direction. ) (note: I also accept files in the ##_the-artist-name_album_track-name_distro-group.mp3 format.)

Any suggestions on music to listen to?
I’m really enjoying Ben Harper, The Matrix Revolutions Soundtrack, and a bunch of old stuff for my nostalgia fix.

The music collection went from approx 900 songs to 2100 songs over the weekend. I’m looking for exponential growth before the break.

A special thanks to Jon Bickett for the Dave Matthews collection.


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6 Responses to Tastes Change

  1. Bittel says:

    A special thanks to Bittel for hitting ya up with some cool shit as well. Man I rock…

  2. morndry says:

    You still have yet to best the great Cooper Levering in your mp3 collection. You could, of course, beat him up and steal his Mac.

  3. burris says:


  4. steve says:

    Why go to class when i could lift 199955794 pounds of stuff from the back of a truck and then proceed to sort it…god

  5. steve says:

    My favorite quote of the moment presented by burris-“Please use the chinese, mexicans cant learn anything”

  6. Chris says:

    The Shins. All day all the time.

    And The Sea and Cake for a different, futuristic lounge jazz tangent

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