Long winded with nothing to say

After several failed attempts at an entry this week, I’ve finally gotten around to writing an entry.

It’s the end of my 2003 fall semester. I’ve changed a lot this past semester. I’ve “grown up” or I’ve “calmed down” a bit since the summer and early fall. For me, when things got too tough I’d just go find a nice bottle of something and quelch my woes. I don’t flee from my problems anymore. I don’t look down on people who like to party, but it just isn’t my thing. I have a new sense of wanting-to-get-out-of-collegeness that I’m getting a tutor for math in the spring semester. Math is my worst subject by a landslide. I hate hate hate it – but I’m not doing well, and I need to do well. I’ve tried busting my ass in the classes, but that yields about the same result as not doing a thing so I saw no reason to try. I want out of school so badly I’m willing to ask for help. That’s a big step for me.

What else has changed? As this entry points out, I’ve given my spiritual side quite a thrashing lately. It’s going to be difficult trudging back to an ideal path, but I think I’m cut out for it. I hope to be blinded by His light as soon as possible.

A lot of little things have changed, too. I now have quite a few gay friends. I also have a few new foods that I hadn’t tried until this semester that I’m really starting to enjoy. (Subway’s Sweet Onion sandwich, Gloria’s Chicken Teriakyi to name a couple)

I’ve also surrounded myself with new people. My “crew” of the 2002-2003 school year are either out of school or just not really talking with me anymore. It’s okay, I have no hard feelings for any of ‘em. I understand people go their seperate ways. My reportoire of friends is much more “me” and I feel much more like myself around them than I ever have in my life. Thanks for helping me become who I’ve always wanted to be.

And now for the weekly recap…

A sore hand kept me from doing just about anything Monday. I was in a type of pain that I haven’t been in before (my fingers were tingling) and I thought something awful was going to happen to it. Luckily, the pain has gone away and another unrealistic fear has been done away with. Tuesday was another day spent mostly at work priming for my ENG portfolio that I turned in Wednesday and the presentation for that class, along with the presentation for student affairs. The presentations were 10 minutes apart on Wednesday, and I was working on about 4 hours of sleep but everything went fine. After the presentations I had a STAB meeting and talked to Linda for a while about some new ideas. Thursday I slept. I also helped a guy out with a PHP/MySQL project which was strangely fun but also taxing. I was up until about 3AM. Friday was a pretty long day, but I made it. I’m here.

New Drive Setup
By the way, I’ve got my new drive in. ) I’ve partitioned it into 2 portions, 60 gigs each. ) )


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One Response to Long winded with nothing to say

  1. Nichole says:

    A few words of wisdom:

    1) Asking for help is hard, but never a bad thing.
    2) I blow at math too. It’s ridiculous.
    3) Getting out of college = GOOD. Not getting out of college in a decent time frame = BAD.
    4) We need to do lunch before you leave for Xmas break.
    5) You’re a good man, Bofe. Never let anyone else say otherwise, unless you’re being an asshole to me, then I welcome any mean comments in your direction.

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