Reconsider Everything

The so called break was fairly eventful. Tuesday night I went out to the lake to see my parents. Wednesday my sister and her crew came in for an excellent Thanksgiving dinner. I drove to Owensboro after dinner. After seeing my friend Tracie and getting to hang out with my buddy Ryan I enjoyed watching The Ring. Thursday rolled around and was not very fun. At the auditions, you’re supposed to have a copy of prepared piece you perform for the judges to examine. I ended up having to get a file from my computer in Murray, drive to Eddyville and my new savior Nichole let me use her printer to make copies. She rocks. Friday I woke up at 4AM, instead of the planned 3AM. I was already running an hour late, so I opted out of a shower and just packed my stuff and hit the road. I was on the road by 4:15, after going through 4 states (KY, TN, GA, AL) I was at JSU for the audition, but I was two hours early.

The audition went fine. I played decently, they kicked our butts. I just did not have a good time. I was on my own the whole time, so it got a little lonely. I really like the organization, but I don’t think drum corps is for me. So, I’m trying to prioritize and have a little thought behind WHY I wanted to do corps. The only thing I can think of is to get into shape. There are cheaper and easier ways to do that, so my current plan is to take classes this summer and do some swimming with Christi. She’ll give me a good ass kicking.

So, I drove back Saturday morning because I have entirely too much to do for school (finals in 2 weeks) and I just had a plain BAD time. I mean, when the highlight of your day is a shower there’s something wrong.

This week I’m making recommendations on the e-mail problem to student affairs. There’s also a STAB meeting, and my english portfolio is due. I’ve had worse.


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  1. jules says:

    I’m so glad you got to figure out your goals for the summer. It must feel good to know further what would be good for you to do and what motivates you to do it.

    you rocketh. enjoy the long ass drive? hehe

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