My so-called break.

After having a pretty good practice session Sunday night, I decided to reward myself with some teriyaki flavored beef-jerky. Something was strange with the jerky and ended up getting me pretty sick. That, coupled with the emergence of cold weather made my Monday totally suck. Well, it was awful for a while. After I finished some school work I went to practice again and saw Christi at the Fine Arts building. We ended up saying goodbye to the world and going out to the lake for the night. I needed that. We left this morning at 6, and I got to work at 7:30.

On the way to work, another “it could only happen in Murray” moment happened. Some people… So, traffic was held up by an Asian woman. She eventually stopped and stepped out of her car de-icing her windshield in the middle of the road.

Thanksgiving break is Wednesday-Sunday. I’m sure I’ll have a long entry when I get back from Jacksonville. Until then, check out all of the links on the right or read my archives.

My “break” schedule:

  • Tuesday Late Afternoon: Move Craig’s bed to my parents’ new condo on the lake.
  • Tuesday Night: Work on ENG324 Portfolio/Paper
  • Sleep.
  • Wednesday: Thanksgiving Dinner with Emily, Drew, Megan, Mom, and Dad.
  • Thursday: Do any school/school-related work that I’ve been meaning to do. RELAX! Go to bed at like, 8:00PM.
  • Friday: Wake up at 3:30 AM. I’m not kidding. Leave for Jacksonville, AL at 4:30 AM. Arrive at JSU at approx 11:30 AM. Registration is at noon.
  • Friday-Sunday: JSU Spirit Auditions
  • Sunday night: Arrive back in Murray.

Today’s to-do list:

  • Finish up a project at the office
  • Do a quick Dreamweaver MX Rundown (done before I published this entry)
  • Lunch with Christi
  • Trip to the bank, send money order for new hard drive
  • Get three-ring binder
  • Work on Presentation for Student Affairs
  • Pack for Jacksonville

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One Response to My so-called break.

  1. Nichole says:

    Good luck on your auditions – I know you’ll do well.

    Happy Thanksgiving…..if you get bored in the ‘ville, give me a call, yo.

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