Head Cold

I’m going shopping-crazy. I purchased 30 feet of optical cable today. I found it for $30 (including shipping) via Froogle. I payed for it via PayPal. It should be more than enough to run from my receiver to the PS2. I’m in the process of purchasing a new 120GB hard drive @ 7200 RPM. I’ve found two good prices on them on ebay. I’ll know tonight how much it’s costed. Ebay is such a wonderful service, now I finally see what all of the hype is about. A new 120 gigger should be a nice addition to shockandawe.

Today I’ve spent most of the day cleaning the apartment. I’ve got a HUM212 paper to write later tonight, but that won’t be much of a problem.

This week is a short week, and I get to go to my parents’ new condo on the lake. We’re having Thanksgiving Dinner there late Wednesday afternoon because I’ll be gone Friday (and my Sister/Brother in-law have commitments elsewhere Thursday). I’m going to go practice later tonight. Yesterday’s football game nearly killed my lips. Yesterday’s basketball game DID kill my lips. I’ve got a small cut on the left side of my bottom lip—definitely not the best thing to happen to a brass player the week of an audition. Oh well, I’ll get over it.

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve also made a few changes under-the-hood to the site:

  • MTDirifyPlus is running. Now I have the “smart” entry permalinks, no more 0000037.php filenames.
  • MT-RefSearch is also running. If someone hits the site via Google (perhaps other another search engines?) it auto-searches my archives to find what they’re looking for in case Google has cached an out-of-date link.
  • Didn’t do this today, but I’ve hacked together some source code that solves the usability problem of NOT having links on your site that point to the current URL. Here it is:

    The navigation module is included on every file on the site, and every file on the site has $thisPage = “Something”; set. I like my approach. -)


  • Seagate 120GB hard drive is mine.
  • Racer Band Photo Gallery is up and runnin’.

Gonna hit the huddle with John Gibson in a bit, then finishing up on my paper. Good times.


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