Buildup. Residue.

I got a few things done today.

  • – Did all of the work on it besides the brilliant writing. A Layout I made that isn’t green. ;-)
  • Went to classes, turned in ENG 324 Collaborative Writing project (even though I was 20 minutes late to class) and did my math work.
  • Work is slow. I e-mailed my advisor about a scheduling meeting. I also read for HUM, and went to HUM having read the wrong assignment. Oh well, since our class is ahead he let us have a light day. Thanks.
  • Library for Math homework, also started on The Matrix and Philosophy which looks to be pretty awesome.

I was really stressed about this week, but I’m not anymore. Everything is going to be just fine.

By the way, I find it strange that now my two former neighbors in Owensboro have their own websites. Shaun is studying at WKU, and I’m not really sure what Jeremy is doing (aside from having a few drinks).

Tomorrow: Haircut, Wal-mart, etc.


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