The usual.


The drive and dinner went quite well. Since she’s been wanting some notice on the site, CHRISTI JENNINGS and I went to Niko’s in Owensboro with my parents and had a wonderful meal. Christi’s very special. I’ve never really had a best/all-circumstances/all-encompassing friend until her. She’s awesome.

We then drove to Wilmore and I dropped CHRISTI JENNINGS off at home. It was the curviest road ever. I then drove to Royal Lex, and hung out for a few hours until we went to Tates Creek Village. By the way, I learned how to play some variation on poker that wasn’t 5 card stud.


Sat around forever and did nothing. I’m setting up for Chris which will indeed be the best site since Erik Rogier’s blurty. I can’t wait.

I also met glitch and Ed—- from #compnerds at dinner at Chilli’s. They’re REAL and fun.

I’m not very good at poker.


Back to Murray. I realize that I left my pillow at TCV about an hour into the trip, which totally sucks. Hopefully it will be back this weekend.

This week: Hopefully receiving good news about JSU and an audition packet, helping my parents move Sunday, and locking down on academics. My day is not officially over until 2 hours after my last class. I’m spending that time in the library. I know, I suck.


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  1. steve says:

    toche on a riviting post. quite interesting. i heard you used to have a hardcore friend named STEVEN STONE, but i guess he’s not coo. anyways, i suck at poker too, but who doesnt..god

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