An update

It’s been a “busy, yet good” week, with a few shortcomings.

Mainly Academic shortcomings. That’s okay, though. I’m fully prepared and willing to take a huge dive into my studying for the end of the semester.

Student Affairs asked our panel to make some recommendations with the direction e-mail is heading. I’ve written a few suggestions and then asked the community for their input. We meet again in December. I may make a SINAPSE pitch with student affairs before the year is over. I’m thinking about contributing an article to The Murray State News for more community feedback.

STAB’s meeting was also productive with recognizing the need for student compuer use policies.

It really feels good to have a chance to make a difference.

Some snapshots from The Forum 03, I’m in three of the pics.

I’ve seen The Matrix: Revolutions twice. It was released Wednesday. I love it.

Friday: Drive to Owensboro, eat dinner with my parents. Drive from Owensboro to Lexington.

Saturday: Chill in Lexington.

Sunday: Back to Murray.


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  1. steve says:

    i hate the new matrix hard…god

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