Today featured a test being postponed until Thursday, and a workshop having nobody show up.


It’s still okay. I got my KVM switch in today, and it’s totally awesome.

I also get more time to study for math. And more time to breathe—this is good.


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3 Responses to Grind.

  1. Bittel says:

    Man, I like chicken.

  2. RickP says:

    Hey man, I may end up getting a KVM switch, but I know at my old workplace, we had 4 port KVM’s. I may need one of those. I know it wouldn’t be absolutely necessary to run my laptop on a KVM but I so prefer a PC keyboard and display to a laptop… So, that would be my desktop, my work laptop and my linux box that i will be piecing together from the 3 partial machines in my room/closet. So I will need at least 3.

  3. steve says:


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