I feel great.

Yesterday was really long.

We marched the Homecoming parade, which wasn’t so bad. The constant speeding up/slowing down got to me, but other than that it wasn’t nearly as tedious as last year’s. Why? We were pretty early in the parade’s lineup, which is always good if you’re not fond of getting horse droppings on your marching shoes.

After the parade I had a few minutes of downtime until we got to play with the Alumni. Although we only had one show up (Big Dave!) and he was sick, it was still fairly enjoyable. The tent city show rocked with authority. Speaking of authority, Matt’s solo totally owned the free world. We had a good show at halftime. It was great to play for my parents.

Then I went to the AA West Regional to see Apollo- got there right as the show was ending. I’ll see them Friday night.

Watched The Godfather, well… part of it Saturday night. Sorta fell asleep ) Slept like a log Saturday night. Finished the Godfather today. It’s been a great weekend.

Most Frustrating part of the week: Besides some pretty personal goings on… NAME THAT TUNE! We only learned ONE new song (Love Shack) and the other stuff we had played since … August? Yeah. August. yet we run it over and over.

Best part of the week: Yeah )


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