Wednesday night I didn’t go to bed.

So while I was sitting at work Thursday morning I realize this probably wasn’t the best of ideas. I started seeing what I can only really describe is this bright dots, sort of like what John Coffey spitting out the disease or whatever he had sucked in – but it wasn’t dark. What I was seeing were bright blinking specs. Kind of creepy.

But After a nice hearty smack in the face, they went away and I stayed awake for a while. I went to class, got home and crashed with authority. Three hours later was Racerband. I made it to Racerband but it wasn’t a very good day for Racerband. We rehearsed the same damn crap (and every song we know and have known for a while except for one) over and over again. It was just frustrating. Oh well, instead of being that much of a jerk I skipped out on the bonfire. I would have just complained the whole time and brought everyone down.

Tomorrow is going to suck. The parade, the game. It should be fun going to AA West (Marching band contest) even if it does rain. )

I’m going to be going to Owensboro next Friday afternoon. Then I’ll be in Bowling Green all day Saturday, then back to Owensboro Sunday.

PS: I printed out my JSU Spirit Application form and filled it out yesterday.


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