Google in an hour: Overview

Everything you could ever want to know about the world’s most used search engine.


How, when, why it was created? Why is Google successful? How Google makes money. Who uses Google?

Brief Pagerank Overview

Explanation of how you can be sure Google pulls only the most relevant search results.

Google Searching

Discussion of Basic Search, Setting your Preferences, Advanced Search, More Advanced Searching, Interpreting Search Results, Image Search, Advanced Image Search, and News Search, Advanced News Search, Google News Alerts.

Google Features

How to use the Google Cache, Calculator, Dictionary, File Types, News, Phonebook, Site Search ( or, Spell Check, Street maps, Translation, Who links to you, Reverse Phone Lookup.

Google Options

Information about the options Google has available to narrow a search down to more specific areas. Froogle, Catalogs, University search.

Google Toolbar

Showcase the “new” Google Bar – blocks pop-ups, optimizes searching, highlights/finds words you searched for.

Google Services

Overview of the Google AdSense program for anyone who has a website. How to Google Web Search to your site.


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