Fall break? Riiiiight.

So Friday had a trip to Ft. Campbell/Clarksville with Bekah. I bought a lot of clothes at Old Navy, and some new shoes. Maybe there will be pics sometime… who knows.


Got to bed at 5am. Woke up at 9am. I had a pretty damn good show run in the morning. Things like that make me think I’m more ready for Corps than I thought. We then loaded the busses. I slept on the bus for about 30 minutes. We all arrived at the dome as scheduled, nothing too exciting while watching the bands.

We had 4 hours of free time in STL which was pretty nice, but it was mostly spent relaxing. We had a 45 minute wait for the Old Spaghetti Factory which was a wonderful meal. Wow. So good. Mom’s Italian is still better… but, since we were all basically starving it was a great meal.

After the meal we just sat and talked. Then we saw two of the finalist groups before we had to change for the night’s show. Great show overall, the tape was a lot better than we all thought it was. A huge standing ovation at the end made it all worth it. A longass, mildly disturbing bus ride home had me sleeping for maybe another 30 minutes. After I woke up the bus ride was quite nice.

By the way, We = Christi, Matthew, Bekah, Nathan, and Alex.


Wake up at 3pm. I rule. It’s only about 5:30 now, but I have been cleaning my car and my apartment for about the last 2 hours. Domestic ol’ me…

This week:
I’m not really sure. Homecoming is this weekend.


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