His hands disappeared.

Tablas are fun
So last night, after a day of work/classes that had my HUM212 professor flipping the bird to a student and setting up listservs for residential college heads to e-mail students “demographically speaking” (if they’re a resident, freshman, etc) Christi and I went to see world-famous Sandip Burman perform a tabla concert.

It was pretty interesting. I’ve never thought about music in the way he was trying to explain to us in broken english… but when he shut up his hands did more than enough speaking for everyone there. WOW.

So I’m going to Patti’s today with my Uncle John, Aunt Barbara, and parents for lunch. Patti’s has the best food around.

Tomorrow I’m heading to Clarksville, TN with Christi, Bekah, Alex, and Nathan. I have no idea what’s going to happen but it should be an interesting time.

The Agenda for Saturday:

10:45 Sectional Warm-up(Dress Rehearsal—important)
11:00 Practice(Bring all your stuff for the day—Bring LUNCH
11:30 Load Bus/Truck
11:50 Pass out meal money($10.00)
12:00 Leave(eat lunch on the bus!!)
4:00 Arrive(Illinois drivers—be ther by 3:30 to be safe)
4:10 Be ready to Move to Dome—get handstamp
4:30 On your Own—be smart
5:00 UTM performs
5:15-7:45 Dinner/sight-see—stay in groups-nobody by themselves
8:00 Finals start
8:30 Be at bus—-Change/unload
9:00 Truck moves to pit unload zone-Pit and helpers be there
9:05 Be ready to Move to Dome
9:15 Warm-up
10:15 Perform at TWA Dome(35 Bands)—list of bands on the band office board 10:30 Load truck/Change on Bus
Battey percussion on truck—last
11:15 Depart-no stops on way home-we dont take roll
Wear a watch!!!!!—no matter we leave at 11pm
3:00am Back in Murray

I can’t wait.

By the way, lots of driving planned for November:

November 07: Murray, KY to Lexington, KY. (Hanging out with Bastards)
November 15: Murray, KY to Nashville, TN. (A Perfect Circle concert)
November 28: Murray, KY to Jacksonville, AL. (JSU Spirit Auditions)


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