So last night I was driven to give the site another color lift.


“This looks like MSURacers” – 3 people. John Gibson (Giblet) was the last one to mention it, and that set me off. So I redid it.

If you don’t like it, take a knee. Take another knee. You know what to do.

CAMObofe is what I’m naming this version… because the scheme is sort of camoflagued. Yeah.

I wanted to get this on a shirt. Too bad it would have costed $25. Maybe I’ll just send the graphic to a company here and have them print it on a shirt for me.

Yesterday was fairly good. I nailed a math quiz and drew some weird stuff in math… I bought new sunglasses because I broke the aviators. (

today: class. a little longer at work because we’re off friday…haircut.

Tomorrow: work, class, class, work, class.

I think I’m going to try and get involved in the SourceForge community.


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