An interesting week so far…

Yesterday was nice, with some much needed rest.

Had pizza with Matt, Christi, Joe, Bekah, Emily, Alex, and Rachel last night. They’re an interesting group to say the least… ) Also got to spend some more QT with Christi. I’ve given her and Bekah their own albums on my gallery.

My personal favorite so far:

Me in a Racerband Uniform

My hair grows fast.

I want a digital camera. and a new TV. and an mp3cd player for my car. and I want to do corps.

away message of the day (ShigeruGodamoto):

schedule of events:
7:45AM: get up, shave, shower etc
8:30AM: departure.
9:15AM: arrival at school
9:30-10:20AM: Class
10:22AM: departure
11AM: arrival at home
11:30AM-2:30PM Study like a crazy bitch on speed.
3PM: drive back to college
4PM: fail the shit out of algebra test I just studied 3 hours on.
5PM: burn down the univeristy.

That’s pretty funny.


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