Just another daily update.

MSU won the football game yesterday. in OT.

It was a pretty ugly game. ) We had a good halftime show, though.

It’s good to have a relaxing day. Getting a haircut Tuesday. Going to see my parents/uncle & aunt Thursday, and get to go to BOA St. Louis this weekend. Great fun all ‘round…

[update 11:29 pm]
I was a DD last night. Fun times, until a good friend’s very obnoxious and very drunk sister decided to let a sketchy guy in the car as I was getting in. Oh well, it’s the cross I bear I guess. I had pepsi tonight – first soda in a while. It burned. I also found out some interesting uses for Quiche…

My television is broken. It’s 27” and 11 years old. I miss it. Hard. No I don’t… I don’t even have cable. Instead of getting cable, I got the server space for this and bastardfamily… I’m a nerd. )


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2 Responses to Just another daily update.

  1. Nichole says:

    Dude. I apologize again for the sister. And just remember – as pissed as you are at her, I’m even more so. What a silly slut.

  2. obnoxious silly slut says:

    i’m really glad the truth comes out about me. thanks very much. if you guys really think things like that about me then why the fuck do you proceed to hang out with me. i’m sorry for my actions and i paid for it the next day but you don’t have to run your mouths to everyone about it. by the way andy, you still have my belt and i would like to have it back. so please don’t be an ass about things and do something to it.

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