My update.


Work class class work home.

I missed my last class due to the inability to keep my eyes open. Tragic. I got home around 2:45 pm and slept until around 9:00 pm. Then I did some homework and spent some more QT with Christi. Of course, I didn’t sleep for but another hour tonight. Still have a sore throat, but it’s not so bad.

Today: Work, Class, Work, Lake.

I’m heading to the lake for a wonderful time at traffic school tonight for a speeding ticket (15mph over) that I got this summer. Ergh.


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One Response to My update.

  1. Nichole says:

    So. Not only can you not mention that we went to lunch yesterday where we talked REALLY loudly about sex in front of REALLY old ladies, but you can’t even link me?

    Fuckin’ hate you man…..

    Then again, you should just wait until the new domain gets rolling. Cause it’s gonna hella rock.

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