Drippy nose.

I’m sitting taking my Math test today with the runniest nose ever. If my nose could eat, it would have had peps burritos mixed with chinese food because that’s how bad it had the runs hard.

One stupid day I’m going to break the rules in class and leave the classroom during a test to blow my effing nose.

Today: Work, Class, Class, Work, Class, Death, Racerband, Death Death Death.

This weekend: FOC, FOC Fest, craziness.

Away Message of the day: “01-the away message (dj mookiestic remix)” from mookiestic (Ron Bruntz)


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2 Responses to Drippy nose.

  1. Lee Coursey says:

    I can’t find that song on KaZaa. Can you send it to me?

  2. Cody says:

    If only all of the world knew about the gift from god called Peps burritos.

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