TypePad Review

My Overall Rating: Five Stars.

I’ve been totally blown away by what the folks at Six Apart have done. applause

My TypePad Voyage (Keep in mind this is a preview release I was testing, it’s not all final):

Login Screen
Very MT-ish. Nothing to see here.

Wow. Where to start?

Elegant Design. Nice color hamonies, and extremely straightforward writing and interface.

I have a few photos I want to share with my friends, so I’m going to check the photo albums.

Photo Album List
That was easy.

Let’s see how I can change the design of the Photo Album. I clicked “Edit Design” on bofe album.

Album Design
Nah. Sudden nerd mood swing. I’m going to trust TypePad’s templates on the photo album, but I want to customize the settings in my album. I’m not sure how TypePad would configure the dimensions of my thumbnails.

I click configure.

Photo Album - Advanced Configuration

The default setting is what I want. +5. I’m ready to blog now. Clicky.

Blog Overview
Now I have a list of the blogs (my understanding: you can have multiple blogs with certain accounts), my recent posts, and lots more.

I want to set this sucker up. Let’s see if it’s worth using.

I want a 2 column layout with the largest column on the left. Easy enough.

More Layouts
I know I want an about page on there. I don’t want a calendar. Awesome. This is ridiculously Easy.

I’m an ego freak. Better check and see what’s on my about page, no time for messin’ around here… I’m important. Control Panel > Profile > About Page.

This takes the data I’ve put in my author profile (filled out during signup) and lets me decide what parts of it are displayed on the About page. Wondrous.

Do I see mobile settings up there? My curiosity has been sparked now…

This just blows my mind.

Ridiculously easy. I’m in love. Oh yeah, I was making a Weblog…

Wow. If you’ve never used Movable Type you’re missing out on the categorical postings it offers. This is just ridiculously easy.

My eye was just caught by the Publicity and Syndication link. Must…click.

Pretty decent explanations as to why these things are good for your site. I love Jim Winstead Jr.’s blo.gs. It’s time to post…

I have some basic WYSIWYG controls (only gripe: it uses and instead of and )

TypePad comes bundled with a few of the “typical” categories and you’re free to make your own.

That was easy.


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