moving woes are over.

i’ll have pictures tomorrow/friday of my new place.

thanks for the help from the following people:

  • Dave
  • – moving the desk from Wal-Mart to the Apartment.

  • My Mother and Father
  • – Recliner, speaker, countless other things. Best parents ever.

  • Lee Coursey
  • – Desk assembly.

my todo list for the apartment:

  • get a bed
  • get long RCA cable
  • get long subwoofer cable
  • get speaker wire
  • get USB hub(?)
  • get parents old computer
  • get a KVM switch – they link two pcs to one monitor/mouse/keyboard – with an A/B switch
  • fill out sheet for coleman

so much more, i can’t even think of it right now.

tonight’s the DCI show. gonna work it and get in free.

i haven’t mentioned that i finished the green mile. liked it a lot.

i also finished PHP & MySQL Web Development a few weeks ago (that wasn’t even on my reading list). decent. need something more advanced.

now reading: introduction to PHP 4, Javascript and the DOM, Some XML book, and The Hunt for Red October

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