my moving post.

today i’m moving yet again… luckily, i’ve got moving down to a science.

  1. owensboro to murray (clark)
  2. murray to owensboro (xmas)
  3. owensboro to murray (white 408)
  4. murray to owensboro (summer, 2 weeks)
  5. owensboro to murray (white 318)
  6. white to craig’s (summer, 2 weeks)
  7. craig’s to white (white 408)
  8. white 408 to owensboro (end of spring 2003)
  9. owensboro to kuttawa (lake condo)
  10. kuttawa to murray (1512 diuguid)

needless to say, i don’t want to move again for at least two years.

my advice: know the area that you’re putting the stuff in (car) – plan your item placement to get the optimal amount of stuff in your car. with good planning, you could have what would take two loads in one load, and it’d load/unload much easier.

i am SO very excited about having my own place… now the only question left is who am I going to have for internet service? i’m thinking murray electric.

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