The reading:

– The Stand by Stephen King (finished Mon.) – Designing with Web Standards by Jeffrey Zeldman (finished Tues.) – Designing Web Usability by Jakob Nielsen (currently reading) – Eric Meyer on CSS by Eric Meyer (also currently reading) – On the Geneaology of Morals Essay #2 by Freidrich Nietzsche (another currently reading)

Next on the list:

– Paradise Lost – Catcher in the Rye

I am now working two jobs in Murray and commuting every day from our condo in Kuttawa, KY. It's ~45 minute drive, so it's killing me on gas.

Right now I'm working to pay back some money I owe to my parents and pay my bills of gas, food, and cell phone.

Job #1: Lead Developer, V5 Web Marketing – working on the afforementioned CMS. php/MySQL/css/xhtml 1.0/javascript 1.2 and lots of other fun. Also looking after the baby MSURacers.com (V5WM now owns and operates MSURacers) – ~20 hrs/week.

Job #2: Computer Lab Assistant, Murray State University – this is where I read. lots. 20 hrs/week. Same job as last summer but now I'm going 10-6 MW (alternating) F instead of 10-2 MTWTHF.

My spare time is spent at the lake condo doing more reading/watching TV/listening to music… Clayton lives near me now (and his place is effing SWEET) so we've been getting in trouble and planning to take over the world. Last night we were loitering at Lic's in Eddyville and had my first encounter with law enforcement… they were nice and asked us to leave … so we did. Then I played NCAA 2k2 on his PS2.

In other news, it's finally getting nice outside… the past few weeks have kind of been cloudy and cruddy (and rainy) so nice weather is a good alternative… too bad I'm only home after 7 pm (except on weekends)

Speaking of weekends, this weekend I'm in Owensboro to do some work on my parents old computer. Nobody is here… and I'm quickly reminded why I don't live here. )


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