oh my…

this is probably the most insane entry ever. not sure on all of the details. you'll see why.


– 0wn the presentation. – better than anyone else who presented… – go to work. – i'm hungry. – sunset strips? – come home from work. – watch the sting. try to fall asleep. can't.
– watched the big lebowski with dave. – did nothing. – note: it took me like 3 hours to figure out what i was doing inbetween watching the movie and having spaghetti. and i was sober. – shaina's house. we have spaghetti. – wake up in the middle of the night again. another 4 hours of sleep.

thursday: – wake up 7 am. – go to work. – i am manning the battle station today. – everyone is gone. staff retreat. – uneventful. – phi340 @ 15th and olive. – power outage. shit. – it was raining. – and really windy. (~55mph winds) – don't eat anything. – talk w/ the class. – professor asks me if i'm taking any more philosophy classes. – i said "no" – she says, why not? – "it's not something i want to do every semester." – i'm a bastard. – i had the worst attendance of everyone in the class. – i still have one of the best grades. – back to work. with a bit of food. – staff is back. – stay and talk for a while. – i'm spent. – try to watch mash with dave. – it's 5:15 pm.

friday: – wake up at 9:15 am. – that's 16 hours of sleep for you math ninjas. – go with nori to print something in color at work. – get my check. – cash it. – eat with lee and burris. lee's last supper a single man. – chris (billyfro) gets here approx 3:30. – a 3 hours and 10 minute drive for him. – from fucking lexington. – go eat with he and dave at los. – dress up. – lee's wedding. yaaaaay. – go deep south. – alcohol bill: $76. – back to lee's for the reception. – they're gone. – bullpen? – nope. – they're at applebee's. – it's really fucking crowded. – we'll get some food elsewhere. – go to white. not sure why. – daniel yaeger is there. – how the hell did he find us? – oh well, now he's with us for the weekend. – arby's. with shaina and melissa "3 page run-on sentence" bates. – that was fun. – we need powerade. – let's get drunk. – 12 oz. vodka. 20 oz. red powerade. – i'm feelin' fine. – justin's here. – jagermeister. – 5 shots. – 30 minutes. – i'm officially a total son of a bitch. – i don't remember much after this.

saturday: – wake up on nori's couch. – my home away from home away from home. – find chris. – we go to gatti's. food. – rocky IV is way better than rocky 4. – back to nori's. – we watched an entire special on bears. – narrated by brad pitt. – find everyone else at quizno's. – tux fitting for justin's wedding. – come back to white. – watch an entire beavis and butthead dvd. – go to the lake with chris to eat w/ my parents. – yaeger stays and sleeps. – eat. catch up. – skip some rocks. – how fucking sad is that? – come back to murray. – fuck finals party is going to be nuts. – pick up some more powerade. – go to the party. – 14 oz. vodka, 20 oz. powerade. – in an hour? – lemme get another cup. not as much vodka this time. – bittel's band was great. – the cover band wasn't too bad. – saw clayton and the WL crew. awesome guys. – did i mention i am a total son of a bitch? – well i am. – have a totally great time at this party. – lose chris and daniel. – rick picks me up. we can't find them. – so they're left at the fairgrounds. – i get back and sleep on the couch. – no idea why i am on the couch. – my bed is empty. wtf? – out like a light.

sunday: – wake up ~10:00 am. – still drunk. – walk to rick and nori's. – find chris and daniel. – we get a ride to white. – chris isn't drunk. daniel is. – he drives us to find his phone. – i beat on shaina's door. – we find rick there, he gives us the phone. – daniel is sick. – still. – we go to white, get their stuff. – taco john's. – they have a sunday special. 6 tacos and a pound of potato ole's for 6 dollars. we order two because it's a good deal. – chris eats 3 tacos. – two ended up in the toilet. – i had two. – daniel had two. – i take everything home. – now i'm here.


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