an idea.

monday: – can't sleep. – exhausted. tried to lay down. can't sleep. – jog. – talk on the porch for a while. – return to the room. – can't sleep. god damnit.

tuesday: – make this sleeplessness end. – work in the morning. – swamped. – go to phi340. fun. – back to work. – i've got nothing. – go to cis307 for project demos. – talk with dr. raj for about 45 minutes after class. what an awesome professor. – come to the room. – dave returns; we rent the sting and M*A*S*H. – i fall asleep during the sting. – i wake up in the middle of the night. – i write this entry at ~5:20 AM. – eff that. – csc245 presentation today. lunch with the office. yaaaaaaaaaaaaay.


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