i'm gonna rock this bitch.


– wake up at 8:45. – showered. dressed. packed for the camp. – it's currently 9:00 am. – walmart for a water bottle. i'm now soaked in rain. – breakfast. – ryan's here. we hit the road. – lunch at arby's in the middle of IL. – arrive in chicago at 5:30 pm. – sit around. – the bus is here. [big pete]yaaaaaaaaaaay[/big pete]. it's 6:45 pm. – arrive in la crosse, WI at midnight. – goodnight.

saturday: – good morning. sectionals start at 9:00 am. – sectionals. meet ray vasquez, brass caption head. very cool. has a mullet, like all good brassline people. – let's play some music. – lunch time. lasagna. i'm gonna be careful this time. – stretch. you need to. – running block. i just got my shit kicked. – dog wasn't careful. i'm in basics on my own because he's puking. – set some drill. – yeah, they're draggin'. – visual was fun. let's go back and play some. – etc. – can't sleep. headache.

sunday: – still can't sleep. – ugh. – sleep for about 4 hours. – [big pete]yaaaaaaaaaaaay[/big pete] – breakfast. – stretch. – running block. god damnit. – pete gets to kick our ass again. – and again. – this is fun. – i am masochistic. – vis. is done. we play some more. – check out time. – i am dog's contra bitch. – on the road again… – FUCK TRAFFIC JAMS. – 1 hour and 5 miles later…we're still in wisconsin. – chicago. o'haire. 5.5 hours for something that should have taken 4. fuck. that. – now we're off the bus, on the way home. – oh yeah. a meal. yaaaay. – drive. – drive.

monday: – drive. – it's 4:10 am. – it feels good to be home. – can't sleep. – now i can. it's 5 am. – wake up at 10. screw your alarm, dave. – can't find cis307 requirement page. now i'm fucked. – look and look. – go to work. – help some newb. – go to mkt 565 presentation on msuracers. – yay. – go to csc 245. leave. i'm done w/ my project in that class… – find some requirements for the project… "finish" and turn it in. – back to work. – i'm fucking starving. – eat with dave. – volleyball. kinda lame, but fun. – i'm here now. – bye.


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