thursday night: – watched seven. – slept.

friday: – wake up. it's 8. – go to office depot / pick up some breakfast before i hit the road. – ryan arrives in murray at 10:30. time to hit the shell station for gas. – oh? what's that? ryan's tire is flat as a bastard. he isn't happy, and i'm laughing. – depart murray, ky at 11:30 am. destination chicago, il to catch the bus to la crosse, wi. – midway through il it starts raining. then all we see is black. torrential downpour. if we were outside, i would not be able to see my hand. seriously. not to mention the PURPLE lightning. – let's pull over so we don't die. – arrive in chicago, 5:30. – leave for wisconsin around 7. – snow. ice. HORRIBLE road conditions make this 4 hour bus ride more like 5.5 hours. – i am andy's lack of sleep.


– it's too early. and fucking cold. – 22 degrees. – at least we're inside… – so i meet big dog. he's a cool guy, and will be my section leader if all goes according to plan for the summer. – contras are very heavy. 45 pounds. on your shoulder. like this see those metal things on their shoulders… that's what i have. – learning how to read treble clef and play on a horn that you've never played in a key you've never played in is not easy. not to mention the sightreading thing i'm not good at. – having to have everyone do 10 pushups when you fuck up isn't very fun. – 40 pushups and some more songs later… we got lunch. – lunch. mmm… taco salad and macaroni. – 30 minutes of stretching. run. – visual rehearsal. this is where we learn to march. – i can literally taste that taco salad. – oh god, i'm going to die. – i'm dead. i don't know why i'm even still holding this thing. – /me puts it down slightly. BP: "GET THAT FUCKER UP IN THE AIR, DONT BE A FUCKING PUSSY!"
– it's up. the pain. the pain. the pain. – shower at the YMCA. kids are funny. "the leading cause of death with 10 year old boys is making fun of guys who march drum corps" – a well earned dinner break. – it was BP's birthday too. he's cool. hardcore… very hardcore. but cool. – more music learnage. – everyone here is pretty nice. – BP's birthday cake. – i won our NCAA brackets. – sleep.

sunday: – so. fucking. sore. oh. dear. kermit. – breakfast. – stretch. run. – visual rehearsal (read: 2 hour ass kicking) – more music rehearsal. – lunch break. – play along with the drums. show the drums what we can play without them. – pack up to go. – catch the bus back to chicago. – gas up the car. it's 10:30 pm (?). – hit the road back to murray. – rain. – rain. – rain. – all of fucking illinois was rained on. – get some gas station dinner. – it's my turn to drive now. – 30 oz of cappucino. – we're back in murray. it's 3:30 am. – ryan's out cold. – i'm wide awake. – so is dave. and shaina. – go to the log cabin until 7 am.

in short: ass kicking, and daylight savings licks my ass.


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