It’s VERY hot in the

It’s VERY hot in the room. So hot that we’ve been in a sweat since 10:00 PM. I couldn’t sleep on my fuggin’ bed last night because there was no way I could breathe while being up there. So, being the engineer wannabe he is, Dave decided to take a trick from ol’ Panic Room and duct tape the vent.


AC Vent covered…
air conditioner vent covered with duct tape

My Giant Roomate… I’m sitting on the top bunk and he’s standing. SCARY!
my giant roommate

hole in the carpet (yesterday’s entry):
hole i cut in the carpet

Last night: Bed @ 5:15-5:30 AM. pass.php – random password generation out of boredom. couldn’t sleep at all, mainly due to the heat.
Today: Wake up at 7:15 AM. 97% on TSM 325 test—Kermit said I owned it, remember? It’s pretty sad I can go to that class 5 times a SEMESTER and still own it.
Tomorrow: Class/Work/SLEEP


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