Back in Murray. Let me

Back in Murray.

Let me start this entry by saying this: fridge defrosting is not something I am particularly good at. Keeping a clean fridge is also something I’m not particularly good at. Combine these two items and Thanksgiving… and I walk back into a room with one of the most foul smells ever contrived. I immediately took the towel that was supposed to absorb most of the water/fridge-guffery and Dave’s similar towel and had them washed. The horrid stench wouldn’t go away. After going through 3/4 of a can of air-freshener the stench was still having some prevalence in certain parts of the room (where the fridge was located for defrosting)—- so in my n00bly knowledge I did the one thing I knew to do to have this smell bereaved from the room. I got my trusty knife-thingy with a saw on it (thanks to Em for getting it for me for College)… and cut the offending section of the carpet out. ( Note: This carpet is very old, mine, and really just old. ) I’ll put some pictures up tomorrow.

I’ve made a bet similar to one that I made earlier this semester, but I think this one will be much more beneficial towards me in the long run. Earlier this semester Dave and I had a bet going along the lines of: “Whoever skips class/work/other commitment first loses the bet and buys the winner dinner at the Olive Garden.” The same bet is on, but it’s the week before finals, a crucial week of school… and the bet is with good ol’ Shaina Murray. She’s at a major advantage with NO job… and no 8 AM classes (I have two every week) but that’s all right; she’ll still end up buying my meal Friday.

In other news, I honestly cannot believe it’s December. I’ve got my work cut out for me with finals in a week.



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