Pictures of Murray State University students celebrating the OVC Championship victory in grand fashion: good, gold, my signature (my name is ANDREW HILL, by the way), another shot of the goal post, MSX – OVC Championship—- excellent pictures, guys.

With four seconds left in the game Shane Andrus kicks a game-winning 52 YARD FIELD GOAL! OVC CHAMPIONS!!! Racerband wise we were beaten to death by playing so damn much. It’s all over now, though.

After that we tried to find a decent party, but nothing was going on. We (Nicole, Maggie, Sara, Sam, Brad and I) ended up watching the rest of the game replay on TV. Sara/Sam/Maggie left after the game ended. Nicole, Brad, and I watched Beavis and Butthead / South Park episodes until we were too tired to watch any more episodes. Fun fun fun.

Sarah at the dub side had an interesting entry today. Digicams rule.

I’m going to bed. Rest of today: Sunday = Nothing. I can almost feel your youthful exuberance that this post induced from here…


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