TSM 325 test status: OWNED.

TSM 325 test status: OWNED.

What’s that, Kermit?

It’s true. It’s true.

all without buying a book, going to class for nearly a month, and using the code the teacher uses. It’s pretty safe to say I own that class. -)

I’m really looking forward to Thanksgiving. Not just because of the excuse to gorge until I can’t gorge anymore, but a time to see everyone that I haven’t seen.

Those in particular I’m looking forward to seeing:

  • Shaun Corkran – Next door neighbor. He and I have been friends since age 3 or younger. We’re the same age, but this August he left to go to school at Johns Hopkins University. This will be his first time back at home. I’m pretty excited to see how college will have changed him.
  • Jaime Eckdahl – The honor grad is a great friend. Haven’t seen her in forever, it seems.
  • The DCHS Crew… Billyfro, Nick “Disappearing Bastard” Jones, Laurin Byars, Bethany Cox, Natalie Algood, Matteo, Hartman
  • Family… of course!
  • The AHS Crew… The Bobster, Chris, Dude, Ryan (although two of them don’t go to AHS anymore)

It should be a pretty eventful Thanksgiving break, one I’m definitely thankful for.


TOMORROW: Work, Class, Last rrrrrrracerband practice for the season, MSURacers.com 5 Month Celebration (@ APPLEBEE’S: 10 PM!)


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