Well, as last night’s ecstacy

Well, as last night’s ecstacy of doing absolutely nothing has dwindled, now comes a semi busy day.

Read some Descartes last night (First and Second Meditation)—very intriguing stuff. The guy is a genius.

After that I sat and did some homework and readily embraced sloth for the bulk of the night. It felt good to sit back and do nothing after having such a busy week last week.

Humanities test results: 100%.

What’s that Kermit?

I really did. -)

Aside from getting those test results back, I had rrrrrrrracerband which didn’t go to shabbily and then went to Shenandoah Shakespeare’s presentation of The Tempest – I thought it was excellent. Taking Shakespearian work and putting such emotion into it is something I’ve never seen before and it was riveting to say the least.

Tomorrow: TSM 325 test… turn in CSC145 Labs… SLEEP!


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