Bloody hell, I’m tired. Here’s

Bloody hell, I’m tired.

Here’s a good “My roommate is such an idiot” story:

Some background: Sega Dreamcast is a CD based system and some pirates made a system where you could download ISOs from the internet, burn them onto cds and play them in your dreamcast. Enter my roommate, without a dreamcast and armed only with Asian tenacity. After looking at a lot of sponsored pornography to get a password to do so, he downloaded a 796 MB ISO of Spider-Man. He tried and tried to open it on his PC… it wouldn’t work. He asks me what the problem is, I take a look and tell him it’s a Dreamcast game and there are no PC programs out there that will play that Dreamcast game. He tries to open Spider-Man in ZSNES (A super nintendo emulator) and it says “File Size too Big!” So he spent a while trying to “cut the file in half” so it will play on the Super Nintendo emulator. GOOD GOD. I told him it wouldn’t work, I also offered to bet him $100 that he’d never get it working on his computer. He said, “what should I do with it??” I said, “Delete it!”—- his response: “No, I have FULL GAME. FULL GAME HERE!” So for the remainder of the night (from about 4 pm until after 11 pm) he was searching Google trying to find something to play it.

Gladiator said it best: “People should know when they are conquered.”

In other news, I had an ever so pointless weekend. I’ll be doing some coding at work today. I’ll probably be doing coding when I get home from work. That’s all I do anyway.



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