So I saw The Mothman

So I saw The Mothman Prophecies tonight @ Nuck’s….It really SUCKED. Painful was it to watch the director attempt to bedazzle the minds of the audience with a nonsensical plot and even worse….. stupid blur crap. I can’t believe people actually swallow this crap, let alone think it’s a scary movie. That’s like training a wild redneck’s pony to bite off some guy’s weiner that sold you pubic hair, am I wrong?

In other news Lee’s kitten jumped out the second story window and broke her hip. Hope she gets better!

After watching the stupid piece of shit movie I came back to the room for a little while waiting for Buddha’s party to start. Anticipating that it would be a pretty decent group of people (people wise, not number wise) at the party, and that I would have a good time, I walked to this party from my dorm…. a pretty hefty walk. To much of my dismay there were like 200 people that I didn’t know at this party so I just turned right back around and walked back to the room.

Thursday I went on a strange adventure through the bowels of Murray, KY with Lil Bittel and Craig and stumbled upon a Jeep full of semi-hot girls from a distance…. so being the strapping young men we are, we pursued this Jeep to only find that these girls were like 12 years old. Excuse me while I go chop off my penis with a meat cleaver. After that we ventured forth unto several different guys apartments playing various pranks and pissing people off.

Friday I got dangerously close to finishing Lord of the Rings (now I’m at the conclusion…..everything’s already happened) so I’m going to start Clear and Present Danger Monday at work. I also found this :

Pretty neat.

Next weekend I’m going to Owensboro.



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