Maybe I can get some

Maybe I can get some reader feedback on my budget for this summer:

Background Information:
I’m working all summer in the Applied Science Computer Lab here at Murray State. The long and short: I get paid minimum wage ($5.15/hr) to sit on my ass and read books and surf the net. I think it’s a pretty good deal, and since my parents covered me for the dorm room this summer I’ve got very little expenses- and very few worries.

Total monthly gross: $515.

  • $480(?) = Monthly Income (@ 25 hrs/wk)

Monthly Expenses:

  • $120 Groceries ($30 / week)
  • $250 = Savings/Month ($62.50 / week)
  • $040 = Gas (two trips home and back a month)

Money left for entertainment/misc:

  • $070 / month ($17.50 / week)

The savings are currently going towards a new stereo for the room this summer (Dave’s buying the PS2).

With that said, today was pretty uneventful. I finished The Fellowship of the Ring today at work and got about 4 chapters in to The Two Towers. I also did some pretty cool Cold Fusion coding at work for the inventory project I’m working on. Sniped a bunch of predictably-regenerating-bots in Unreal Tournament today (55 in one 3 point CTF level). I also watched a pretty horrible episode of RAW at Nuck’s apartment. Updated “the site” page.

Tomorrow I’ll do more of the same at work, and hopefully finish up the design of that inventory app. I’ll put it up on the site under “creations” when it’s done. Later.


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